Enjoy a relaxing afternoon or a fun party on a yacht cruise in Subic

A yacht cruise in Subic. Photo by Kenneth M. del Rosario.

You’ve most likely been to Subic several times. It is, after all, one of the most accessible tourist destinations near Manila (just about two hours from TriNoma via the NLEX expressway). But have you gone on a yacht cruise there?

If that sounds interesting and exciting, that’s because it is. Imagine being on a yacht with family and friends, just whiling away time, enjoying the sunset and the picturesque Subic Bay. That’s the beauty of a yacht cruise. Guests can spend a relaxing afternoon or pump up the music for an unforgettable party.

The great thing about an adventure like this is that there’s room to fit in 30 people, which means you can throw an unforgettable birthday party or a reunion get-together while sailing around Subic Bay.

Surprisingly, the tag price for such an experience is quite affordable. Through La Banca Cruises, an individual, a couple, or a group can book a 50-ft yacht for only P6,000 (plus a one-time terminal fee of P1,500). If there are 30 people in your group, that amounts to only P200 per person per hour. Not bad, eh?

The yacht features a bedroom, where guests can lie down for a little bit if they want to take a quick rest. They can even bring their food and drinks, without worrying about any corkage fees. They also have partner restaurants who can take care of their meals for them, if that’s what they want.

La Banca Cruises prides itself on having skilled, knowledgeable, and accommodating captains on board. The yacht cruise starts sailing from the Subic Bay Yacht Club. From there, the captain guides guests around the bay. 

A yacht cruise in Subic. Photo by Kenneth M. del Rosario.

While on the cruise, guests can while away time fishing, snorkeling, or swimming in the bay. Or they can just stay on board, and feel the breeze on their faces while enjoying a glass of wine or a hot cup of coffee. Your call.

While guests can book a cruise for as short as one hour, La Banca Cruises also accommodates guests who want to stay overnight—a perfect getaway for families and friends.

A yacht cruise in Subic.