Levantin, a tropical resort in Boracay’s adventure sports area

Levantin resort villas

If you wish to stay in a rather quiet place when visiting Boracay, you may want to consider Levantin, a resort along Bulabog Beach, which is the eastern counterpart of the White Beach where the sunrise is a sight to behold.

Bulabog Beach is known as the adventure sports area of Boracay. It has windy weather which is distinct from the other areas of the island. When we were walking along the beach to Levantin resort, we passed by some kitesurfers enjoying the water while flying their power kites. Only then did we learn that the windy beach is a kitesurfing paradise. It is just 400 meters away from Station 2, which you can reach by walking or riding an e-trike for only P100.

Levantin resort features a tropical ambiance with a Mediterranean touch. It boasts of several villas with each having four rooms for guests. The open bar and restaurant’s roof is covered with mangrove palm, thus the name “tropical hut” fits the structure perfectly. Asked where the resort’s name Levantin came from, owners Hans and Dianne Jurgen von Lengerke said that it was from the word levant, which is a place in the Mediterranean.

Stuffed squid

Levantin’s restaurant offers a combination of European, American and Filipino all-day breakfast. They come in big servings at very reasonable prices. We’ve tried their Filipino cornsilog and their English breakfast, a combination of fried eggs and brown potatoes. 

We loved their carbonara as well. It’s rich with white cream and bacon. Another favorite is their stuffed squid. It’s grilled squid filled with mango and vegetables, and was topped with exotic ginger lime marinade and served with rice.

The four-cheese pizza was also excellent. It was cheesy, creamy and flavorful. We liked to dip it with honey. You can have it for only P360 which is good for up to five people. If you want a burger with 100-percent pure beef patty, then try their Levantin resort’s burger. Additional French fries will cost you P90. And of course, for your sweet tooth, you should not miss the tropical fruit yogurt, which is made of Greek yogurt with a compote of fresh tropical fruits.